This is a limited edition (32 of 2000) silver proof medal issued to commemorate the Pioneer 10 and Mariner 10 missions. It features both mission stamps and is on a special Fleetwood cachet.
Here we have a PNC featuring a cachet and stuffer which is also featured on the first day covers page, along with a bronze medal.
This is a Colorano silks cachet with a mission bronze for the Shuttle mission STS-34 which launched the Galileo space probe to Jupiter.
These next three items are all Limited edition "Postmasters of America" series PNCs featuring a Frankin mint sterling silver proof medal. This one was issued to commemorate the success of Mariner 10.
A second "Postmasters of America" PNC to feature its own Frankin mint sterling silver proof medal. This one was issued to commemorate Pioneer 10.
Pictured here is another Limited edition "Postmasters of America" PNC issued to commemorate the success of the Viking mission to Mars.
Fleetwood made this special first day cover presentation pack for the Viking mission to Mars featuring 6 of its covers each describing a part of the mission. They also made a larger presentation card which was distributed in a similar style folder, also pictured here.
Featuring metals flown from an undisclosed space flight, this medal and cover was produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Explorer 1, America's first Satellite. Production was limited to 2000 covers.
This is a souvenir of part of the launch platform from America's first satellite, Explorer 1. It was launched 31-January-1958 and carried a Geiger counter.
This is a retrospective 22kt gold replica stamp cover looking at the space achievements of the decades. In this case it is of Explorer 1, America's first satellite.
This is a 22karat gold replica stamp of a later Pioneer 10 stamp issue from the same series as the earlier Explorer 1 gold stamp cover.