Caltech-JPL Numismatic Society set of 14 bronzes


Explorer 1: Coin of the month club release for Explorer 1 31-January-1958.
Explorer 1: This is from a series of sterling silver medal made by franklin mint commemorating various successes of the American space programme; This one for Explorer 1.
Ranger: From the same series comes this Franklin Mint Silver Ranger Medal.
Landsat: Again this medal also from the same series is for Landsat. Others from this series can be found on the Skylab and Gemini medals page.
Explorer 1 50th anniversary: Issued in 2008 for the 50th anniversary of the launch of Explorer-1, this set of three medals feature metals from the Pad A launch complex that Explorer-1 used. One medal appears to be made from bronze, whilst the other two are aluminium.
VOYAGER: With only 5000 examples minted, this limited edition Planetary Society medal is serialised as number 4429.

It was struck to commemorate Voyager 2's nearest approach of Neptune on 25-August-1989.

VIKING METAL MEDAL: Created in limited numbers, this medal contains metal from the Viking spacecraft which landed on the surface of Mars 20-July-1976.
VIKING 1 MACO MEDAL: These two very limited edition Medallic Arts Co (MACO) bronze medals feature a map on their reverse side locating the Mars landing site of the respective Viking missions. Mintage 5000.
VIKING 2 MACO MEDAL: This is the matching pair to the Viking 1 MACO medal above. Both are in the large heavy bronze style typical of the Medallic Arts Co and both feature the matching serial numbers '042'. Mintage 5000.
VIKING EYEWITNESS MEDAL: This is a limited edition Franklin Mint 24karat gold on sterling silver medal commemorating the Viking Missions to Mars.
HUBBLE: These are commemorative bronze and silver medals, issued for the launch of the Hubble space telescope on 24-April-1990. The silver is serialized and was limited to just 2,500 minted.
HUBBLE: The commemorative bronze medal for the launch of Hubble from the shuttle mission STS-31.
MAGELLAN LAUNCH: The commemorative bronze medal for the launch of the Magellan space probe from the shuttle mission STS-30.
GALILEO LAUNCH: The commemorative bronze medal for the launch of the Galileo Jupiter mission from the shuttle mission STS-34.
ULYSSES LAUNCH: The commemorative bronze medal for the STS-41 shuttle launch of the Ulysses mission to study the Suns polar regions.
PATHFINDER EYEWITNESS MEDAL: This is another limited edition Franklin Mint sterling silver medal. This time to commemorate the Pathfinder Mars Mission.
MARS ROVERS: This is a commemorative bronze medal for the launch of the two Mars rovers in 2004.
CURIOSITY: Similar to the Mars Rover medal above, this is a bronze medal for the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity in 2011.
CURIOSITY: This medal cointains metals used in the engineering of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity. The medal was issued in 2013.