Pictured here is a fragment of the Skylab space station (with official NASA COA) that returned to Earth on 11-July-1979 and retrieved from Western Australia.

This is an actual piece of one of the six oxygen supply tanks carried on board Skylab. Measuring approximately 1" long and 0.5" wide, it has been professionally mounted and protected on a colour card illustrating one of the last pictures of Skylab ever taken. It has travelled some 890 million miles as the space station orbited the Earth for over 6 years.

Topps American Heritage Collection - Heroes of Space Flight series (similar to that seen on the Space shuttle page). This is a professionally mounted space flown relic, a piece of wiring for Skylab.


Two Fleetwood PNCs with sterling silver proof medal with information sheet commemorating Skylab missions.

Limited edition numbers 304 and 535 of 2500.

This PNC commemorating the second Skylab crew, features a very nice silver Argor medal.
Pictured here is a Limited edition Postmasters of America PNC featuring a Franklin Mint sterling silver proof medal.
These next items are all limited edition Colorano silks PNC featuring the Galaxy Inc medal set (except for the one below). Each cachet was limited to just 350 covers.

This particular PNC was issued to commemorate the first Skylab crew.

Interestingly this is the same PNC but with a different medal, it features the Skylab 1 version from the second set above, note the back image and no mission date on the front of the medal.
From the same set comes this Skylab two PNC.
This Limited edition Colorano Silks PNC has a bronze variation of the Galaxy Inc medal and commemorates the third Skylab crew.