AMERICA 10 YEARS IN SPACE: Commemorating America's first ten years in space, this limited edition cover and sterling silver medal presentation was issued by Danbury mint on May 5th 1971. The medal was created by Mint Birmingham Limited of England.
NASA 10 YEARS: This PNC was issued by the Postmasters of America to commemorate a decade in space. Issued in August-1971 at the time of the Apollo-15 mission, they feature a Franklin mint sterling silver medal.
1974 5th anniversary of moon landing: Special issued card for the 5th anniversary of the moon landing.
1977 20 years of Soviet space achievements: Limited edition first day cover presentation set featuring artwork from Alexi Leonov. The presentation folder includes information pages, table of contents and each of the six cover has its own COA.
1977 20 years of the space age: Limited to 1400, this PNC was distributed in a Fleetwood folder. It features two Soviet stamps, Soviet cancellation and a silver medal of Soviet design with writing in both English and Russian.
1979 10th anniversary of moon landing: Featuring a specially minted silver medal, just 425 of these PNCs were issued for the 10th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Some of these were also double cancelled for the 20th anniversary too (like this example). The back of the medal features the Cape Canaveral post mark whilst the front has the Apollo 11 mission emblem.
1981 Space Achievements FDC: Fleetwood first day cover collection in a limited edition presentation folder issued for the 1981 Space Achievements stamp release.
NASA 25 YEARS: Limited edition fleetwood presentation (number 1239) with a commemorative gold medal and featuring the specially issued $9.35 stamp which was the highest denomination to date (1983).
NASA 25 YEARS: To commemorate NASA's 25th Anniversary on 14-August-1983 the shuttle flight STS-8 was to take 500,000 serialised first day covers into space. Only 259,377 covers were available after the flight and those that were left behind or were damaged, were destroyed.
1984 15th anniversary of moon landing: An A4 sized page cancelled 20th-July-1984 for the 15th Anniversary of the moon landing.
1991 30th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's Vostok 1 flight. This presentation features both the 30th anniversary Gagarin medal and both the miniature sheet and individual stamp set issued to commemorate this event. Further details of the medal can be found on the Soviet manned flight medals page.
25 YEARS Moon Landing: This limited edition serialised presentations were issued to commemorate 25 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing. They feature one of the 500,000 $9.95 stamps flown on board the space shuttle Endaevour's flight STS-68 and is cancelled for the launch on 30-September-1994.
20 YEARS Moon Landing: This is a Colorano Silks PNC featuring a bronze of a similar design to the Galaxy mint medals of the time except with a different back.
25 YEARS Moon Landing: Containing a commemorative Marshall Islands $5 coin, this limited edition serialised PNC also features both the 1969 moon landing stamp and the 25th anniversary moon landing stamp issue.
25 YEARS Moon Landing: This is a gold replica stamp cover, featuring the stamp issued for the 25th anniversary of the Apollo l1 moon landing 20-July-1994.
30 YEARS Vanguard: Limited edition PNC (just 3000 issued), this PNC features flown metals from an undisclosed space flight. It is made to commemorate the 1956 launch of the Vanguard program.
10 YEARS FIRST SHUTTLE FLIGHT (Marshall Islands 1991): This limited edition PNC issued for the 10th anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia's maiden flight. It features four specially issued 10th anniversary Columbia stamps and coin.
50 YEARS IN SPACE (AUSTRALIA 2007): Limited edition PNC (3001 of 10,000) issued for mans achievements in space.
Featuring the 2011 Alan Shepard stamp and Galaxy mint medal, this PNC commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first American in Space. Alan Shepard on board Mercury 3 launched from a Redstone rocket. Note it is cancelled May 5th which is the anniversary, the stamp was releasd a day earlier.
Soviet desktop souvenir: Issued in the Soviet Union to celebrate Gagarin featuring the monument erected at Saratovska the landing place of Vostok 1. The inscription on the front reads "First Cosmonaut" and on the back "Gagarin's landing place - Saratovska land".
Soviet desktop souvenirs: These souvenirs were presented to commemorate the launch of both Sputnik and Vostok space craft. Made by "Commies" in 1957 and 1961 respectively from aluminum and plastic (probably Bakelite). The stand is in the form of the word Mir meaning 'Peace'.