This is an example of the limited edition Manned Flight Awareness medal mounted on a named presentation page commemorating the Apollo Soyuz mission.

"This medallion contains metal from both Apollo and Soyuz that joined together in the first International manned space mission on July 15-24, 1975"

This is a large (60mm diameter) Soviet bronzed aluminum medal commemorating the Apollo Soyuz mission.
From the Paul Weitz collection this heavy 60mm diameter, Bronze medal was presented to the Astronaut on a visit to the Soviet Union.
This set of six Soviet medals contain flown metal for a 1975 mission (not sure if its from the actual ASTP mission). The five Cosmonauts / Astronauts each have a medal and the sixth medal being Leonov`s artwork `Handshakes in space`.
This medal is typical of Soviet heavy bronzes made at the time. Some medals are serialized indicating a mintage of up to 10,000. Apparently fake gold versions of this medal are also in existence.
Pictured here is a Medallic Arts Company Apollo Soyuz bronze medal in the standard large heavy style of other MACO medals. This is a larger version of the one featured in the Fleetwood PNCs (qv).
Here is an American Mint Inc (AMI) Apollo Soyuz bronze medal in the same heavy bronze style as the MACO medal above. It includes an information pamphlet detailing the mission and the medal.
This is one of the Lombardo Mint set of three medals commemorating the Apollo Soyuz mission.

This Medal of the Apollo Soyuz Test Program joint mission is also featured in mint condition in a different metal.

These are the American crew from Lombardo Mint of Canada.
This is the final medal from this set featuring the Soviet crew.
Pictured here is a large silver Franklin mint medal for the event.
Another large silver Franklin mint medal from the "History of Flight" series.
Apollo-Soyuz Dividable medal: This silver medal comes in two parts and commemorates the 1975 Apollo Soyuz mission.
The Balfours company issued this commemorative pewter medal with one side in Russian and the other is English.
Here we have another random medal for the event. I have a Silver version as well as the bronze.
This is possibly a Galaxy Mint medal issued for the event. It has a 'GM' marked on it and looks similar to their style.
Apollo-Soyuz 20th anniversary/Atlantis-Mir medal: This very rare medal was issued for the 20th anniversary of the Apollo Soyuz mission in 1975. It contains metal flown from the space shuttle Atlantis (STS-71 mission) which commemorated this occassion by linking up to the Mir Space Station.