Project Apollo - Mans Greatest Adventure
Apollo 13 set of 20 Flown Metal Silver Medals

This set of 20 Sterling Silver medals were released by Franklin Mint for NASA in 1972.
Mintage was limited to just 4,967 sets and they were not offered for sale to the public.
They contain metal flown onboard the Apollo 13 space craft on its voyage around the moon.
Each medal features a obverse depicting a part of the Apollo missions, whilst the reverse has a moon design.
GALAXY MINT MEDAL SET 2 FRONT A more defined casting variation on the first set
MEDAL SET 3 FRONT (Franklin Mint)
Apollo 1
Limited Edition (700 minted)
Bronze Proof-Like
Apollo 11 second version
There are multiple versions of certain medals, some with differing reverse sides as indicated.
The design of these reverse sides are similar with three stars for the crew and moon image.

One of the Apollo 11 medals I have mint on card from the Kennedy Space Center 1969. Also the Apollo 13 variation featuring Mattingly in the crew indicates that some of these were available at the time of the missions.

It is possible that over time some of these designs have been reissued although at least two of the Apollo 11 medals have been confirmed as being available in 1969. Any further information on this welcomed.

Thanks to Benjamin Ballo who has been kind enough to share the following information and image.
The full set pictured here, was available in 1979/80 from Cape Canaveral and was minted by
Galaxy Medals, Brevard County, Fla.
This set includes some of the medals pictured below and some new variations. The Apollo 17 medal on the set is the same as below except it includes the date. The reverse side is of the design marked (*).
Apollo 7 ***
Apollo 8 ***
Apollo 9 ***
Apollo 10 ***
Apollo 11 **
Apollo 11 *
Apollo 11 ***
Apollo 12 ***
Apollo 13 ***
Apollo 14 ***
Apollo 15 ***
Apollo 16*
Apollo 17 *
BACK ***
Apollo 13 ***
This variation on the Apollo 13 medal appears to have been released some time prior to the mission launch. It features the astronauts walking on the moon and has the crew named Lovell, Mattingly and Haise.
Mattingly was replaced by Swigert a week before the launch after contracting rubella.
The other variation above has the correct crew and the words "bring them back safe".

Lincoln Mint issued a series of Apollos medals from 1 through to 17. They were issued in CuproNickel, Bronze and Silver and distributed in a number of presentation sets. Some of these medals are commonly identified by their featured phrases, such as for Apollo 1 "Memoriam" medal reads "They died .. reaching for the stars" and the Apollo 11 medal features the words "First footprints on the Moon".

Thanks to Chris Coston for the information and allowing me to use his images. The set pictured here is a silver with one of each of the medals. Below is the Front and back of this presentation.



The Luke Coin Supply Company also distributed them in mission presentations featuring the CuNu, Bronze and Silver versions of the mission medal.

MEDAL SET 6 FRONT Apollos 7 through to 14 featuring mission firsts, dates and crew. Issued 1971
MEDAL SET 6 BACK Marked "United States of America - Ex Luna Scientia"


Apollo 8: Manned Flight Awareness Medal for Apollo 8 with in original presentation certificate. For further presentation materials such as original 25-July-1969 info page from VIP, 4-August-1969 distribution papers to General Electric management for their employees and information pages, please refer to the Presentations page.

This was the first Manned Flight Awareness medal made and contains metal flown on board the Apollo 8 mission to the moon and back. Minted by Barco Mint of New Orleans, production was limited to 200,000 medals.

Apollo 8: Australia New Zealand Historical Medal Society Apollo 8 bronze in original pouch. There were only 500 bronzes minted for collectors and 50 in silver for special presentations to those involved.
Apollo 11: Australia New Zealand Historical Medal Society Apollo 11 Silver and Bronze. Again they only minted 500 bronzes for collectors and 10 in silver for presentations (both pictured here). It is inscribed "Here men from planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind." Followed by the crew and mission names.
Apollo 11 MFA MEDAL: Limited edition (200,000 minted by Barco Mint of New Orleans) "Flown Metal" Manned Flight Awareness (MFA) medal commemorating Apollo 11 Moon landing. Also included is the named Manned Flight Awareness presentation certificate for the medal along with a very rare gold version (encased). I am unaware of the mintage of the gold version.

For further presentation materials and information pages, please refer to the Presentations page.

"This medallion contains metal from spacecrafts Columbia and Eagle that took Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins on their historic Apollo 11 mission that resulted in the first landing of man on the moon."

Apollo 11: This very rare large flat medallion features dies that were taken to the moon and back one the Apollo 11 flight July-1969. It is believed that only about 1000 of these medals were minted.
Apollo 11 EYEWITNESS MEDAL: Here we have two different versions of the same Franklin Mint Apollo 11 sterling silver eye witness medal. The encased version is the same size as the regular eye witness medals, whereas the second version is about 2/3rds the size with a loop at the top for a chain (not shown).
Apollo 11: This is a Franklin Mint Apollo 11 bronze proof mounted on its card. Just 1600 of the bronze proof versions of this medal were minted.
Apollo 11 "CONQUEST OF SPACE": From the same series as the Apollo 16 medal below is this silver Apollo 11 medal.
Apollo 12: This is a Franklin mint silver Apollo 12 medal.
Apollo 13 FRANKLIN MINT: These are limited edition Franklin Mint Apollo 13 bronze and silver medals. The mintage of the bronze was just 2490, whilst the silver was 7607. The Silver version of this medal features metal flown around the moon on the Apollo 13 flight! There is also a first edition version struck featuring the crewman Mattingly who didn't make the flight due to illness (mintage unknown).
Apollo 14 FLOWN METAL MINICOIN: Franklin Mint "Flown Metal" Medal commemorating the Apollo 14 mission to the moon. Mintage 129,449.

This limited edition minicoin contains 10,000 grains of silver that was carried aboard Apollo 14 on its voyage around the moon.

Apollo 14 FRANKLIN MINT BRONZE and SILVER: Mintage of the Franklin Mint Apollo 14 Bronze proof was limited to 1725, a further 500 Bronze Proof like and 6477 Silver were also made.
Apollo 15 EYEWITNESS MEDAL: Limited edition Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Medal commemorating the Apollo 15 Mission.
Apollo 15 FRANKLIN MINT BRONZE: Mintage of this Franklin Mint Apollo 15 Bronze proof was limited to 2226 with a further 6485 Silver were also made.
Apollo 16 FRANKLIN MINT BRONZE: Mintage of this Franklin Mint Apollo 16 Bronze proof was limited to 1104 with a further 3861 Silver were also made.
Apollo 16 "CONQUEST OF SPACE": Minted in 1997 this limited edition solid silver medal is numbered 1434.
Apollo 17 EYEWITNESS MEDAL: Limited edition Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Medal commemorating the Apollo 17 Mission. #22362
Apollo 17 FRANKLIN MINT BRONZE: Mintage of this Franklin Mint Apollo 17 Bronze proof was limited to 1104 with a further 3861 Silver were also made.


These medals are made by Lombardo Mint of Canada. They all appear to have a common theme to their design. On one side we see the heads for the three astronauts with an image from their mission, whilst on the other they feature the mission logo. They all have "Made in Canada" and a serial number etched around the rim.

I have often seen them distributed in octagonal plastic coin encasements as shown here with the Apollo 11 medals. Currently I believe they only started making these space medals from Apollo 11 on, as I have seen no earlier medals. The Skylab and Apollo Soyuz medals from the same series are featured on this site under their respective pages.

Apollo 11:
Apollo 11:
Apollo 12:
Apollo 13:
Apollo 14:
Apollo 15:
Apollo 16:
Apollo 17:


This set is from Wellings mint in Canada and is marked with "IM".
The Apollo 11 medal is available in Silver, Pewter, bronze and aluminum.
The Aluminum version is different in that it contains both French and English writing and is arranged differently. Thanks to Wil Fryer to finding this version.

Apollo 11:
Apollo 12:
Apollo 13:
Apollo 14:
Apollo 15:
Apollo 16:


These medals were all designed by Constantino Affer in Italy and were struck by A.E. Lorioli Fratelli of Milan.
They are commonly silver plated bronze or sterling silver (where marked as so).
Some of the examples below are serialized.
Variations of these medals include the writing on the reversed side arranged straight lines, while others have the writing arranged around the medal.
There is also a medal from the same maker for Gemini 4 on the Gemini medals page.

Apollo 1:
Apollo 7:
Apollo 8:
Apollo 9:
Apollo 10:
Apollo 11:
Apollo 12:
Apollo 13:
Apollo 14:
Apollo 15:
Apollo 16:
Apollo 17:
Thinner than the above medals this Apollo 11 bronze pendant does not say Italy
or feature Affer's name, but is unmistakably his work.

Medallic Arts CO (MACO) MEDALS

These American medals are made by Medallic Arts Company of Danbury, CT. They are similar to the typical style of many Soviet table medals of the time, with a diameter of 60mm and made of heavy solid bronze (although these are also available in Silver).

There are also Skylab and a Commemorative "Conquest of Space" medal in the same style featured on their respective pages.

Apollo 11
Apollo 12
Apollo 13
Apollo 14
Apollo 15
Apollo 16
Apollo 17
Kennedy/Apollo 11


Apollo 11: Charleston Mint Kennedy Space Center, limited edition jewelers bronze with COA (serialised number 13 of 1,000 minted) in original wooden presentation box, commemorating the Apollo 11 Moon landing.
Apollo 11: Here we have a pair of Haywood Apollo 11 medals one in sterling silver and the other solid bronze.
Apollo 11: This is an attractive Apollo 11 gold coloured brass medal commemorating "Mans first landing on the Moon" in excellent condition. The Smithsonian museum note this medal as being from Medallic Arts Co, USA. It is much smaller than their usual work and made of brass.
Apollo 11: Made by Morgan's Inc, this medal appears to be made from something like pewter (although also available in Silver and Brass) and is larger and heavier than average for an American medal. It commemorates not just Apollo 11, but the US manned space program leading up to the moon landing.
Apollo 11: Another Apollo 11 1969 medal of unknown origins. "The American Eagle lands. Footprints forever change the moon and horizons of mankind."
Apollo 11: Here we have another bronze Apollo 11 moon landing medal in its original container.
Apollo 11: Stirling Silver medal appears to have been supplied by a UK jeweler from Birmingham, who made a series of medals for the various Apollo missions. I also have the bronze or brass companion medal in a double case. In each case the obverse is upside down to the reverse side and they all have a outer chain of small dots (as pictured).
Apollo 11: This large heavy bronze Apollo 11 medal made by AMI was also made in Silver. The reverse side of this medal is smooth featureless.
Apollo 11: This Apollo 11 medal of unknown origins is made from either copper nickel or pewter.
Apollo 11: This small bronze coloured medal is inscribed "Neil Armstrong First man on the moon". On the back it says "On July 16 1969 Apollo 11 started a lunar voyage that made America's dream come true. Armstrong's immortal words 'Houston, Tranquility Base. The Eagle has landed' heralded this great event.".
Apollo 11: Small bronze Apollo 11 medal issued by North American Rockwell in 1969.
Apollo 11: This bronze medal was issued by Kaag trophy company of California to commemorate the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing and moonwalk. It features an image of the plaque left on the moon.
Apollo 11: Another small medal of unknown origins is this bronze Apollo 11 medal. The medal was also available featuring messages from different companies that presumably commissioned them.
Apollo 12: This bigger than average Apollo 12 bronze looks similar to the MACO medals but is smaller, thinner and lighter.
Apollo 12: Issued in 2014, this medal contains metals flown to the lunar orbit on Apollo 12.
Apollo 13: Here is an Apollo 13 medal issued before the launch featuring the crewman Mattingly who didn't make the flight due to illness.
Apollo 15: Coloured aluminum medal the same look and feel as the Port Canaveral maiden flight series of shuttle medals but with smooth sides.
Apollo 15: This is a serialized silver medal commemorating the Apollo 15 crew and mission.
Apollo 15: A Franklin mint silver medal issued for the Apollo 15 mission.
Apollo 15: This is the first of three large bronze medallions all made by the same mint for the Apollo missions. This one is for Apollo 15 "Lunar Scientific explorations".
Apollo 16: As with the medallions above and below, this is another large bronze medallion. This time made for the "Mission of Discovery" Apollo 16 mission.
Apollo 17: The third of the series is a Apollo 17 bronze medallion "Farewell mission to the Moon".
Apollo 17: Charleston Mint John F Kennedy Space Center / NASA medal of the same set as a STS-1 and Mercury medal on other pages and an Apollo-11 one above. Unusual thing is they are all stamped with a serial number (5034).
Apollo 17: Issued in 2013, this medal contains metals flown to the lunar surface.
Saturn V: Kennedy Space Center vehicle assembly building medal.